How To Choose A Check Valve


When it comes to selecting a check valve, many people base their decision on the impact pressure or the closing speed required to close without impact. However, this selection method is not always accurate. Here are two methods to help you choose the right check valve.

1. Check Valve Manufacturers for Incompressible Fluids

For incompressible fluids, it’s important to choose a check valve that can shut down without causing unacceptably high surge pressures due to sudden shut-off caused by reverse flow. Look for a manufacturer that can provide a low pressure drop valve. You should also assess the required closing speed and consider check valve manufacturers that require closing speed.

2. Check Valve Manufacturers for Compressible Fluids

When it comes to compressible fluids, many check valve manufacturers aim to reduce the impact of the valve disc to a relatively low level. However, the method to choose a manufacturer of check valve for compressible fluids can be similar to the method for incompressible fluids, but there are relatively large pipelines. The shock pressure of this compressive medium can also be very good.

If the fluctuation range of the medium flow is very large, this kind of check valve can be used for compressive fluid. Manufacturers can use a deceleration device to prevent damage to the valve. Its end produces relatively fast continuous hammering.

In the case of the compressor outlet, a lift check valve can be used, which continuously uses a spring-loaded lightweight disc and has a relatively short lift.

Remember, when it comes to choosing a check valve, it is important to take into account the type of fluid being used and the specific application.

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