Attention to Details of Forged Steel Valve Maintenance

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Forged steel valves are important components in various industrial processes. Regular maintenance of these valves is essential to ensure their smooth operation and longevity. Proper maintenance can also prevent accidents and improve the overall efficiency of the system. This blog post will discuss the attention to details that should be paid to the maintenance of forged steel valves.

Storage Environment and Inspection

The storage environment of forged steel valves is crucial to prevent corrosion and damage. These valves should be stored in a dry and ventilated room, and both ends of the channel should be blocked. Regular inspection is also necessary to ensure that the valves are in good condition. The dirt on the valve should be removed, and rust-proof oil should be applied to its surface. Checking the valve sealing surface for wear is also essential. Based on the condition, the valve should be repaired or replaced accordingly.

Valve Performance and Operation

The forged steel valve should be tested for its sealing performance to ensure its proper functioning. During operation, the valve should be in good condition, and the bolts on the flange and bracket should be complete with no damage to the thread. The handwheel should not be replaced with a spanner if lost; it should be matched in time. The packing gland should not be skewed, and pre-tightening clearance should be present. If the environment in which the valve operates is harsh, it is essential to use a protective cover for the valve stem device to prevent dirt and other contaminants from entering the valve.

Heat Preservation and Operation

The ruler on the forged steel valve should be intact, accurate, and clear, and the valve should be sealed and capped. If the valve operates in a relatively bad environment, it is easy for it to be infected by rain, snow, dust, sand, and other dirt. During operation, the valve should not be knocked or supported with heavy objects to prevent depression or cracking due to the impact.


The maintenance of forged steel valves is crucial for their longevity and proper functioning. Attention should be paid to the storage environment, regular inspection, and repair, valve performance and operation, heat preservation, and operation. Proper maintenance of forged steel valves can improve the overall efficiency of the system and help prevent accidents.

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