Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric Globe Valves


Electric globe valves have become increasingly popular in various industries due to their short opening and closing stroke, fast speed, reliable sealing, and small opening and closing static torque. They are generally fully open and fully closed, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. However, the mainstream product for reliability is still the pneumatic stop valve.


  1. Simple Structure: The structure of electric globe valves is simple, which makes manufacturing and maintenance convenient.
  2. Short Opening and Closing Time: Electric globe valves have a small working stroke, which results in short opening and closing time.
  3. Good Sealing: Electric globe valves have good sealing, with small friction between the sealing surfaces, resulting in a long life.
  4. Different Structures: The electric globe valve body includes straight-through, direct-flow, and right-angle structures. The straight-through type is the most common, but it has the greatest fluid resistance. Direct flow fluid has low resistance and is mostly used for fluids containing solid particles or high viscosity. Right-angle valve bodies are mostly forged, which is suitable for stop valves with smaller passages and higher pressure.
  5. Less Friction: The friction of the sealing surface during opening and closing is smaller than that of the gate valve, and it is wear-resistant.
  6. Easy to Maintain: Usually, there is only one sealing surface, and the manufacturing process is good, which is convenient for maintenance.


  1. Large Fluid Resistance: The fluid resistance of electric globe valves is large, which requires a large force for opening and closing.
  2. Not Suitable for Certain Media: Electric globe valves are not suitable for media with particles, high viscosity, and easy to coke.
  3. Poor Adjustment Performance: Electric globe valves have poor adjustment performance.
  4. Bellows Seal Design: The electric shut-off valve adopts the bellows seal design, which completely eliminates the shortcomings of common valve stem packing seals that are fast and easy to leak. It not only improves the use of energy efficiency, increases the safety of production equipment, and reduces maintenance costs and frequent maintenance, but it also provides a clean and safe working environment.

Use Advantages

  1. Double Sealing Design: Electric globe valves have a double sealing design (bellows + packing), which avoids stem packing failure if the bellows fails.
  2. External Leakage: Electric globe valves comply with international sealing standards, resulting in no fluid loss, reducing energy loss, and improving plant equipment safety.
  3. No Fluid Loss: Electric globe valves have no fluid loss, which reduces energy loss and improves plant equipment safety.
  4. Long Service Life: Electric globe valves have a long service life, which reduces maintenance times and operating costs.
  5. Sturdy and Durable: The sturdy and durable bellows seal design ensures zero leakage of the valve stem and provides maintenance-free conditions.

Electric globe valves are a reliable and efficient choice for various industries, but they also have their limitations. It is important to consider the advantages and disadvantages of electric globe valves before selecting them for a specific application.

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